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Heuristic Media - The Tempest
“I can imagine generations who will owe a lifelong love of Shakespeare to this astonishing app” - Stephen Fry

The Tempest from Heuristic Shakespeare is the first in a collection of thirty-seven separate apps. Each app is a tool for demystifying a play and making it more enjoyable for a modern audience. Sir Ian McKellen and Professor Sir Jonathan Bate take us on journey of discovery using the world-famous Arden Shakespeare texts and their extensive essays and notes. The apps are not meant to be a replacement for seeing the plays in the theatre or on the screen but instead bring the text to life and help readers understand the language.


The Heuristic Shakespeare collection was created for you, whether you are studying Shakespeare for the first time, preparing for an exam, or you just want to have a better understanding of his work.

Shakespeare wrote his plays to be seen and heard, not read. Heuristic Shakespeare apps put you face to face with his characters at the heart of each play. It makes his language and references easily accessible and helps you understand each play from the inside out.


Each app has three discreet levels of complexity, so you can access the information that best suits your needs.

Heuristic Shakespeare The Arden Shakespeare
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  • Reading the script of any play is a problem, even for professional actors. Heuristic Shakespeare is designed to provide an answer. Following the text and watching the actors read the words out loud is like having your own private performance always to hand. I think it will appeal to students at whatever level, as much as to theatregoers who want to study the play.
    Sir Ian Mckellen
  • Over 400 years, Shakespeare has evolved as new media have emerged - a hundred years ago it was film, while today for the first time he is brought to full and new life in the rich and innovative medium of the App.
    Sir Jonathan Bate - Shakespeare Scholar
  • I don’t think there has yet been an app so complete, full and beautifully arranged for the iPad. As future-proofed a teaching resource, as rich and detailed an entertainment and as thoroughly researched, beautifully performed and majestically presented a dramatic production as has yet been achieved in the medium. I can imagine generations who will owe a lifelong love of Shakespeare to this astonishing app.
    Stephen Fry
  • I think it's a very good idea, indeed
    Judy Dench
  • A cast of professional Shakespearean actors performing the play
  • The full text of The Tempest as published in the First Folio
  • A full digital version of Arden Shakespeare The Tempest including full notes and commentary
  • A linked historical time line of Shakespeare's life, his plays, his theatres, and the historical context
  • Video talks by both Sir Ian McKellen and Professor Sir Jonathan Bate on characters, themes, and the overall play
  • Full breakdowns and explanations of every character with a visual rundown of all their lines across the scenes
  • A full “play at a glance” with illustrations and summaries to explain the plot with key quotes and events.
  • A history of all the major productions of The Tempest from the 17th century to the present day.
  • The ability to make notes, copy and highlight text that can be collected, correlated and exported for later use.