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London A City Through Time
“Even diehard Londoners are destined to discover something new.” - The Economist
Whether a native Londoner, moving-in or just passing through, ‘London – A City Through Time’ for ipad and iphone is the perfect companion.  Probably the most advanced and complete portrait of London ever produced, it offers an indispensible reference to the 2000-year history of the world’s most complex city.  It boasts over 6000 articles on the capital’s museums, statues, buildings, streets, trades, people, parks, rivers and more.  Over 2000 rare prints and photographs.  Thirty-five video documentaries and clips from the archives of the Pathé movie library. 
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“It's a museum, guide book and map,  and then some, telling you more than you could ever imagine about London's history.” - The Daily Mail

“... this is a fascinating and deep guide to an amazing city and is well worth investigating” - The Daily Telegraph

“It’s like having a pair of magic spectacles that reveal London’s hidden history.” - Intelligent Life
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“It's absorbing, well-crafted and the latest glimpse at an exciting future for tablet book-apps” - MSN
  • Over 6000 articles searchable by subject, date and location.
  • Thousands of historical images of London
  • Videos, 360° spins, and immersive virtual tours.
  • Hundred of detailed historical maps and panoramas.
  • Lighter iPhone version features same content but with images to be downloaded on demand.
Available in the AppStoreFor iPhone
Available in the AppStoreFor iPad