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Python Bytes
“The most fun I’ve ever had with one hand.” - Michael Palin
Created in an era of wooden TVs, grainy film and cardboard cut-out animation Monty Python’s pocket-sized sketches have now found their perfect 21stCentury homes - the iPhone and the iPod touch.
Our Python Bytes apps put the very best of Python in your pocket.  It’s the real thing - the best sketches from Cleese, Palin, Jones, Chapman and Idle, plus great Gilliam animations.  Just shake the iPhone and the Python sketches randomly change.  Tap the sketch and you get options like Manage Sketches that allows you to scramble the order of your favourites, or Sketch Commentaries where you can listen to the Pythons as they describe how the sketches got made.

The genuinely laugh-out-loud sketches are yours forever, packed into your iPhone or iPod touch and watchable anywhere. 
“For $2.99, Python Bytes offers lots of laughs, especially for newcomers to the troupe (namely college freshmen, for whom exposure to Python is a rite of passage).” - Cnet

“Whether you’re looking for an easy entry point to the humor of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, or you’re a big fan looking to have their best sketches at your fingertips at all times, Python Bytes: Series 1 is worth the purchase.” - Yahoo